What I Am Paying Attention to in 2024

Disclaimer: the content of this post is a reflection of my career journey and not specific to my work at JPMorganChase.





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Developer News

Projects and developers trending on GitHub. Can be filtered by Python.

The latest tech news that makes it through the Hacker News upvote process.

GitHub news and changelog

Python and Django Features and Release

Python release notes, discussion forum, enhancements proposals, release livestreams (recorded)

Django release notes, enhancements proposals, blog, roadmap

Python and Django Authorities

Django co-founder and prolific tinkerer and public speaker. Check out his work with Datasette and LLMs.

Current and former Django Fellows

Current CPython Developer-in-Residence

PSF Security Developer-in-Residence

Podcast by CPython Release Manager Pablo Galindo and CPython Developer-in-Residence Łukasz Langa

CPython Core Dev and Microsoft faster CPython team member

Author of a group of outstanding Django books and co-creator of Django News Newsletter

Author of my favorite Python book “Python Crash Course”

Highly-skilled, opinionated developers and release managers who maintain a number of packages important to the Python/Django community

Author of a great Django blog

Python Books

Outstanding new book in a series by Extreme Programming and TDD authority Kent Beck. Short and sweet. Explores tidyings, cumulative progress, and optionality.

Idiomatic Python deep dive to level up to professional, production quality Python quickly

Classic, advanced, comprehensive Python manual

Some gems in this more advanced book by the excellent Al Sweigart, author of the popular Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

More “battle-tested” advice from an experienced developer

Python Tutorials and Teachers

Outstanding Python tutorials

Outstanding Python tutorials, with an emphasis on testing

Curated Python content

Coding problems and tutorials by my friend Trey. He is an amazing teacher.

General Python and Django Learning Resources

Popular documentation framework

Python Patterns

General Python resources

The go-to intermediate to expert Django book

Great, new-ish Python newsletter

A fabulous Django newsletter published every Friday, with all the most important Django news

Data Structures and Algorithms

The must-read algorithms book

Coding challenges

Course by the high profile Primeagen of Netflix. Does it live up to its name?

APIs and Databases

A tool I use and want to read up on

I work in a database department and as such would like to better understand database capabilities. See also Simon Willison for SQLite experimentation.


Brian Okken’s must-read pytest book

Outstanding, free testing lessons, at one time overseen by my friend Andy “Automation Panda” Knight, testing expert.

Django test performance by the excellent Adam Johnson

Refactoring, Patterns, Clean Code

Martin Fowler is the patterns GOAT. I’d like to spend more time reading more of his work and applying it in real life. Refactoring 2nd Edition was updated in JavaScript. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture is said to be dated.

Uncle Bob’s controversial Clean Code. Not everyone likes him or his work, but it has clearly been influential.

Detailed list of coding considerations

Exactly what the title says

General Engineering Resources

Julie is an outstanding teacher. Check out her blog posts and ‘zines.

Several new-ish (or new-to-me) blogs that stand out

Perhaps this is dated, but I’d like to know more

How Companies Do Things

A curated list of engineering blogs including most, if not all, of the leading tech companies, and many others too

A classic blog about system architecture. Also happens to be “for sale.” See the December 11 post and respond if you are serious.

Information about how companies do testing and SRE

The go-to system design learning resource

How CPython Works

Although I do not intend to divide my time between Python and C programming languages, I’d like to better understand how CPython works.

Engineering and Management

A legendary book by a business GOAT Andrew Grove

An instant classic by Camille Fournier, also employed by JPMorgan Chase

I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Sarah Drasner at GitHub Universe 2019, then got to know her on Twitter over the years. She produces outstanding work, and I know this book will be no exception.

An intriguing subject from Tanya Reilly, the creator of the famous “Being Glue” talk.

Although the Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter has not been around long, it has attracted a large following. The newsletter author wrote this book. I am intrigued.

More Great Books

Highly recommended by many people I admire

A group of highly recommended books related to cumulative achievement and productivity

An instant classic by the excellent Morgan Housel

Transformational Leadership

A colleague made me aware of the concept of Transformational Leadership. I love this graphic that categorizes leadership versus management. I hope to incorporate more leadership into my work to empower my colleagues.

Agile and Scrum

If you work in an agile/scrum environment, it’s a good idea to revisit these evergreen resources from time-to-time.


One of the most important voices in product management

Prolific author of a widely-read, product-focused blog. Recently published the excellent The Ultimate Guide to Developer Productivity.

A couple of resources that I’ve had bookmarked for a while to spend some time looking through.


Interviews many of the movers and shakers of our time

An incredible example of hustle. His podcast put him on the map and helped him launch a career in VC, no small feat. Outstanding guests.


I will consider obtaining new certifications in 2024. AWS and CKAD are on my radar at the moment.